Friday, January 10, 2014

Stained Glass Salt Lake Temple

Stained glass Salt Lake Temple in the light box frame

Every year at Christmas we rotate through our siblings on who we buy presents for.  In the past I have been giving each sibling a stained glass picture of the temple where they were married.  This year we had my wife's sister Elizabeth.  At first we thought we had her brother Jonathan, for whom I made a Manti Temple picture as a wedding gift a few years ago, so I thought I was off the hook as far as making a large stained glass project for Christmas.  Come to find out just a little too late that we had Elisabeth instead. She and her husband were married years ago in the Salt Lake Temple.  So, for Christmas I made them a stained glass picture of the Salt Lake LDS Temple.  I had just finished my second version of the Salt Lake Temple which I think was my best work yet, but was a huge undertaking.  I needed to come up with a much easier design because of the time constraint.  I ended up with a still stunning straight on view from the east side with a basic  coined diamond breakup for the sky.  It ended up with about 100 more pieces than I wanted originally, but they were pretty much straight forward cuts so it wasn't that bad. Again, As I have done in th elast few pieces, I put it in a light box frame.