Monday, October 17, 2011

Salt Lake Temple

It all starts with bottle glass that I have already melted flat.

Ever since people heard that I was going to make a stained glass Manti Temple they have been asking me to do a stained glass Salt Lake Temple.  Well, I finally got around to doing one.  My brother Danny was recently married there, so I decided that as a wedding gift I would make them one.  They were married in June, but I got a new job working for Snow College which required that we all move down to little old Ephraim.  This is something that we have been dreaming about ever since we left Snow College as students.  Sadly we had to leave our amazing garden behind, but it will give us the opportunity to build a new home on some bigger property and put in an even more amazing garden.  It also meant that there was no way that I could finish the temple in time, so it is now a Wedding/Christmas present.  With this piece, I was able to document the process a little better with more pictures.  So here are a few more pictures than usual.

This is the dorm room the college set me up with before my family moved down.  I turned it into a temporary glass shop.

Here I am cutting the blue glass for the sky.  You can see that using recycled bottles leaves a lot of "unusable" scrap.  I manage to use most of it in other projects.

Here you can see that I have started laying out the sky pieces ontop of the template.  They haven't been ground yet so they still have the patern paper glued on..

Now that they have been ground to the
 right shape the paper patern has been removed.

Finished the sky and working on the trees.  The greens are also recycled bottles.

Finished up the trees and starting the temple.  The gray glass had to be bought because there are no gray bottles.

I started putting the copper foil on before everything was cut out because I can watch movies and foil at the same time.

Here is the temple all cut out and about half foiled.  I ran out of foil and had to go to Salt Lake to get more. The tan glass was also bought for the same reason as the gray.

Starting to solder.  I think it looks a lot better with solder on it.  The solder hides a lot of the small mistakes.


Finnished solderingthe front side.  I have to be extreemly carefull flipping it over to solder the back side.

Soldering the back side.  The back ususlly goes much faster than the front because I don't have to be constantly checking that the pieces are straight.  Before they are soldered together the peices like to wiggle around a little.
Close up of the focal point Angel Moroni

Close up of the western spires.