Thursday, May 13, 2010

Death to Grass

In the last post I shared how our remodel has affected my glass work. Well, I have more than the remodel going on to take up all my spare time. We are in the middle of a complete remodel of our front yard. I decided that I am sick of mowing the lawn. I mean think about it: I live on a busy street so the kids can’t play out there, the Huge spruce tree is literally killing off all the grass, I have to mow it regularly which takes time and burns off fossil fuel and I have to fertilize and spray it with weed kill to make it look close to decent. All this extra work for little in return. So we decided to get rid of the lawn. Not only that, but get rid of the large spruce tree as well. I know all you environmentalists are gasping at the idea of cutting out the tree, but it really was killing off our lawn, we couldn’t water it enough, and when the city cut out the tree in the parking strip because it was diseased the spruce tree had a huge bald spot where the other tree had been. We are also hoping to reap some major passive solar through the large front window. Instead of the traditional yard we are putting in a vegetable garden complete with herbs, fruit trees, grapes and berries.
The process hasn’t been easy:

1. We cut down the tree

2. We hired a guy to come and grind out the stump

3. We rented a sod cutter and hauled away the grass

4. We roto-tilled the yard to smooth out the hole left by the stump

5. We rented a trencher to dig the sprinkler system

6. We installed the sprinkler system

7. We rented an auger to dig post holes for the fence, trellis, T-frames and pergola

8. We built the two trellises and the pergola and put in the fence posts and T-frames

9. We built the grow boxes

This is how far we are now. We still need to fill the grow boxes with homemade dirt, plant and put pavers in-between the grow boxes as well as all the little things to tidy it up. We are very excited about having a much larger garden. We hope to be able to grow a whole lot more food this year. Home grown food is definitely the best.

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