Monday, September 10, 2012

First blog video

Here is the first video on this blog. It is a long video about the shed and how far we have gotten on it so far.
A view of the loft from the ladder. We still need to add the second layer and insulate the loft.

Looking in the front door

Looking toward the north west corner. One piece of plywood is being used as a form for the light clay wood chips

The rocket stove wasn't drawing correctly, so i dismantled it .  I'll rebuild it, but I'll follow the directions in the book more carefully this time.

The south east corner where a permanent ladder will eventually go.

The north side where we are putting in the light clay wood chips.  You can see the plywood forms above the scaffollding

wood chips filled up to the top of the pallets

looking down the pallets. You can see the electrical wire in the first row of pallets and then the second row is the one being filled up right now.

The east side with the forms recently pulled off

The south east corner.  You can see some of the chunks of foam inside the wood chips.  We are using a lot of the foam to help boost the r-value and just as a filler so we don't have to make so much light clay wood chips.  Because I got the foam for free, I'd rather use it than the wood chips, but the wood chips are needed to fill in the gaps and make it all fit together better, plus I don't have enough foam to insulate the whole shed.

The south east corner again


  1. Matt, this is incredible, are you going to be able to get it up and running before Christmas? It looks like you will! We are jealous of this amazing structure! We are planning on using your expertise once we have some land of our own. It really is incredible- we wish we were closer so we could come help and learn!

    1. Wee are hoping to get it finished long before Christmas because we will be moving onto the property with or without it finished before December. We'll be working on it most every weekend until it is done, so you can come on down any time. Just call first to make sure we are here and not up there. This has been a great learning experience for us to.