Tuesday, July 20, 2010

My Vertical Growing

Here are a few more pictures of the plants I am growing vertically...
The now mostly empty broccoli bed, the cabbage bed, the zucchini/crookneck bed, the tomato bed and then the pumpkin/watermelon bed.  The pumpkins are growing on up the pergola.  We have been able to fit a lot of food into a small space.

The pumpkins have outgrown the T-frame and are heading up onto the pergola.
A tomato plant trained to wrap around the string clockwise.
Same thing with watermelon.  The empty string is waiting for an acorn squash that had a slow start.
I put anchors in the face of the house to run a small cable.  I put a cable both along the top and the bottom and tied strings between them for the beans to climb up.
Beans guide themselves up
The beans don't need to be trained, they just climb on their own
The strings for the tomatoes.  Tomatoes are planted 9 inches apart then are split every other one up either side of the T-frame.  That way the plants get the space they need as they get bigger (as long as you prune them correctly.)  In the background are the beans growing in front of the house.
The cable at the bottom of the row of tomatoes, the string tied to the cable, and the tomato wrapped around the string.  
Tomatoes like this produce lots of even full fruit and keeps them off the ground which prevents disease
Pumpkin wrapped around the string, grown' on up
Even when the pumpkins are growing horizontally towards the pergola they are guided clockwise around the strings.  One tiny little pumpkin is starting to grow.
Do you grow your veggies vertically?   What system works best for you?

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  1. Wow Matt, you've been busy!

    Your garden looks amazing, I hope Sarah can keep up with the canning and freezing and making delicious meals out of your home grown food. I only have some herbs and raspberries, they're lovely mostly and not producing a ton, but that's okay with me.

    I LOVE the glass projects you've been doing, it's all just beautiful. Do post some more pics of the remodel, I'm super curious about how you made another room in the front.

    Great work!