Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Update on Vertical Growing

Its been a while since I have posted, and I knew this would happen with a new blog.  Just like most things I start and don't finish.  But with some reminding and encouraging from my wife, I'm back.
So, I met with Salt Lake City's Mayor Becker about vertical vegitable growing in the front yard.    He said that he is in favor of the idea and that infact he is working on passing a series of green initiatives that will include vertical growing.  He didn't have a time line on when he will present  to the council, so knowing politics and red tape, it could be a while.  he assured me that I would be notified when it does happen though.
Meenwhile I have been very busy working on my own garden.  As you can see I have decided to grow vertically despite the current regulations.  I figure that if I get caught or someone complains, I will just apply for a varience.  I doubt that will happen because we have recieved nothing but compliments from people passing by.
In these pictures you can see that I have tomatoes, pole beans, zuccinis, crookneck squash, and pumpkins all over 2 feet tall.  Thats right those are 6 foot tall pumpkin plants!  Actually, these pictures were taken July 6th.  It is now July 14th and the pumkins are being trained up onto the pergola above the hamock reachin more than 8 feet tall. 
More posts and pictures of the garden comming up soon.
I'm trying to get this blog more noticed, so please link to it from your own blog or Facebook account etc.  The more people see what is possible in their own yards, the more people will decide to live more sustainably.

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