Sunday, January 11, 2015

Soldering tip: How to keep the solder from running through to the back

In this short video I show how to keep the solder from running through small gaps to the back of the piece.

When making a large stained glass panel there are usually some small spots where the pieces don't quite line up perfectly and small gaps appear.  These tiny gaps sometimes result in a small pool of solder on the back side of the piece.  An easy way to overcome this problem is to snip small sections of copper wire to fill the small gaps with.

I use reclaimed electrical wire salvaged from a house that was demolished.  I stripped the sheathing from the wire with a knife and use the wire cutters on my needle nosed pliers to cut it to length.  If you have a gap that runs the length of the piece, you can cut the wire to length and bend it to fit; or, if the gap is just in a small corner, you can just cut a tiny little nub of wire to fill the spot.  as long as the wire does not have a coating on it, fluxing it will allow the solder to stick to it and not pass through to the other side.  I use this technique when the holes are not very big:  if the gaps are too big, I'll re-cut the piece to fit.

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